At the start of the season, bookmakers were happily offering odds of up to 3/1 for Celtic to dominate Scottish Football and win the title for the next 10 years.

You’d probably be found now wanting you put that money in your bank account instead; even at the lowest possible interest rate.


The Royal Bank of Scotland. Telegraph U.K

What was probably most surprising on show at The Scottish F.A Cup Hampden Park on Saturday was not how good Rangers were in the Semi; that’s been on display all season. But rather, just how poor Celtic have slumped to during the course of the year.

There has not been a worse collective performance from a Celtic team over a season or as in many years, such is their plight, that they might not win the title this season – even without the threat Rangers. A minimum standard for any new coming manager for the club.

A Celtic fan would probably never say it, but this was probably the best result for Celtic, even if they won’t admit to it. There has been unrest amongst the clubs fans at the way the club is being managed throughout the entirety of Their disastrous European Campaign, partly down to The incumbent Celtic Manager – Ronny Deila, The other halve being the clubs Chief Executive – Peter Lawell.

The reality is that Ronny Deila was always going to be sent packing to Norway at the end of the season. That was already an open secret not even featuring on the rumour mill. But questions over why the club had waited this long to make a decision, when the club had been labouring to victories (largely on the back Striker Leigh Griffiths domestically), should have been dealt with in January.


Leigh Griffiths is the league’s top-goalscorer this season,
with 28 goals in 33 appearances. Telegraph U.K.

This would have enabled the squad to settle The UEFA Champions League Qualifiers in 2nd round qualifying rounds in July, and a new manager would have been able to be given time to settle. Had it not been for some poor mid-season in-fighting at Pittodorie, Aberdeen would probably be sitting above Celtic as it stands in the league table.

You’d probably say that now, the fans have a marker for their season and if there is one person that has to go in the summer, it’s the club’s manager – Ronny Deila.

Why so? With no special mention given to some of the Home European performances this season, even as something as simple as team selections using 33 different players this season is some record. Considerable enough when comparing the league leaders across Europe’s top 6 football leagues.

If ever there were a sign that players are confused as to what their roles are, then look no further than Saturday’s F.A Cup Semi-Final starting line-up against Rangers. A Centre-Midfielder made winger Cullum McGregor playing wide right, with Stefan Johannsen in behind Leigh Griffiths and Gary Mackay-Steven on the left. This looked more like Celtic Reserves.

In the pre-game hype, Celtic were overwhelming faviroutes to win the tie and eventually complete a The Premiership, & Scottish Cup double. Now, they could possibly end up with nothing – such is the sorry state of the attitude of the players, and indeed the current manager.


Rangers would eventually go on to win the F.A Cup Semi-Final on
penalties against their Glasgow rivals. 2-2 (5-4) on Penalties. Telegraph U.K

If the writing wasn’t already on the wall for Deila, he had gleamingly predicted post-match that the tie would be a one sided affair for the Hoops.

Lets just hope it isn’t a sad and slow death for Deila.

The league is by no means over just yet.